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Modern Rehab specializes in educational seminars and in-services for Health Care Providers. We are committed to provide the highest quality educational seminars available in the field of physical rehabilitation.

We work hard to ensure that you experience exceptional quality from the moment that you inquire about or sign-up for a course all the way through the end of the actual course. We also want the exceptional quality to continue into your place of work as you utilize the effective techniques that you learned in the course to help eliminate your patient's dysfunction and improve their overall quality of life.

Our specialized therapists, are uniquely instrumental in handling physically and mentally challenged patients, and are providing services in various settings for the past 10 years.

Medical Staffing Solution

We at Modern Rehab understand the limitations of your business. That is why we customize every staffing solution to fit specific needs of your business. Unlike other staffing companies, our staffing solution works around your limitations and not the other way around. We provide highly talented professionals.

Rehab Dept. Management

We offer quality and cost effective management strategies for the Rehab Department. We are well experienced in developing the new program and tailor the existing one to increase productivity and revenue for the facility.

Outpatient Rehab Clinic

We establish and manage the outpatient clinics and develop programs and make adjustment as needed.

School system

Our specially trained Physical therapists prescribe the best exercise treatment program for physically and/or mentally challenged students.

Nursing Homes

Modern Rehab provides services to nursing home residents as well. We consider rehabilitative physical, occupational, and speech therapy an integral component of care for many nursing home residents. Our commitment to caring includes the healing and enhancement of the resident's overall quality of life.

Home Health Care

We at Modern Rehab care about the patient's time and needs. Our specialists also provide services at patient's home. We provide skilled physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nutrition counseling to patients at home, or in other non-institutional settings.

Consultation and Evaluation of workplace & home

Modern Rehab provides Safety evaluation for any kind of businesses. These evaluations are strictly in correspondence with the government safety requirements. These safety measures can protect employer, employee or the patient from many unforeseen. We also offer safety and disability evaluations in home

Educational Seminars

Modern Rehab is dedicated to bringing in top instructors from around the region and country who are eclectic in their approach to treating patients and dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience.